Grand Strategy was inspired by the board game Risk. It is a multi-player game of strategy where the object is simple: eliminate your opponents and achieve global domination!

Grand Strategy is an Early Access title on Steam. You can start a discussion, request features and file bug reports on the Steam web page. Please click below to follow the game on Steam or add it to your Steam wish list.

Grand Strategy on Steam

Grand Strategy is free to download and play. You can play up to six active games without a Premium account. It's a turn-based game for two to ten players. You can play in real-time, or a slower turn-based mode where you play a few turns every day in thirty different games. You can pause games, enjoy your weekend, and then continue the game later. Daily turns are for players who like to play the game at their leisure.


Grand Strategy will feature campaigns. In campaigns, two factions fight for victory in one grand war. Click here to learn more.

The game can be played in Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Current Stable Version: 0.9.64

Play the game on your tablet or phone. Download it from the Google App store:


A Premium Subscription confers a number of benefits. You can play up to 35 active games. You can create password protected games.

Grand Strategy depends upon the Premium Members to support the costs of operating the game server. Grand Strategy has always been free to play, and it's not profitable for us to program and distribute the game. We created the game simply because we enjoy playing Risk, and we want other people to be able to do the same.

Please consider joining as a Premium Member.


Do you want to play on the moon map from Risk 2012? Do you want to the change the game and play with different rules? Grand Strategy provides an open forum to the players to change the game itself.


Denizen Seven is a small independent game company that focuses purely on strategy games.

Years ago, Grand Strategy was a web based game. Hundreds of thousands of games were played on the web version. Over 30 maps were available. The old version featured many advanced game options that are being ported to the the new version.

The game is being ported to Android, Desktop and iOS. The new version features cross play between all supported platforms. You can start a few turns on your desktop and finish later on your tablet.

These features are currently being ported over to the new version:

A preview of upcoming maps:



New York

Middle Earth

San Francisco

World War II